The Supervisory Committee Chairman Lee Ok-seop (SK Bioland, A Former Vice-chairman & Amorepacific, Non-executive Director)
The Supervisory Committee Members Park Soo-nam (The Society of Cosmetics Scientists of Korea, The honorary president & COSNP, CEO)
Cho, Wan-Gu (The Society of Cosmetic Scientists of Korea, Chairman & Jeonju Univ., a former Professor)
Park Chang-seo (The Society of Cosmetic Scientists of Korea, Vice-Chairman & Dongguk Univ.,, a former Professor)
Nam Ho Lee (Jeju National Univ., Department of Chemistry and Cosmetics, Professor & Jeju Industry-University Convergence Center, Director)
Hong, JinTae (Chungbuk National Univ., a Dean of the College of Pharmacy)
The Editorial Committee Chairman Hwang, Jae Sung (Kyunghee Univ. of Genetic Engineering, Professor)
The Editorial Committee Members Kim, Kwang Mi (Dankook Univ. of pharmacy, Professor)
Nam, YoonSung (KAIST of Materials science and engineering, Professor)
Park, JunSung (Chungbuk National Univ. of Engineering Chemistry, Professor)
Park,Chan Ik (DaeguHaanyUniv.ofAroma the Original Therapy, Professor)
Lim, Kyung Min (Ewha Woman Univ. of Pharmacy, Professor) ang, Minyeol (SKINMED Clinical Trials Center, Center Director & Seowon Univ., a former professor)
Consultation Members Administrations·Regulations : Jang, SungJae & Choi, Sang Suk (MDCOSLAP, Co-representative, Ph.D)
Marketing·Advertisement : Han, Yeong Ju (Chungbuk National Univ. of Cosmetics, Professor)
Academic·R&D : Lee, BeomChun (Hue&Skin,CEO)
Design·VMD : Lee,TaeKyung (ICD Korea, CEO, Ph.D)
Orientalmedicine’s Ingredients : Kim, SoHyung (Kim So HyungOriental medical clinic, Director, Doctor)
Patent : Jo,HyukKun (StrongChina, CEO, Patent Attorney)
Trend·Marketing Research : Lee, HanSe (SpireResearch & Consulting, CEO, Ph.D)
HALAL Industry : Jang, Geon (Korea Institute of Halal Industry, Director, Ph.D)
Chinese Certification·Overseas Expansion : Kim, Chang-seong (Korea Testing & Research Institute, Director of the Beauty Industry, Ph.D)
Global Trend : Son, Sung-Min (REACH24H KOREA, Senior Researcher)
Distribution Trend·CommercialInformation : Ham, SunSik (The Bodyshop Property, Head of department)
Law·Consulting: Ko, Ayeon(SEONDAM, Lawyer)
Skin Clinical: Park, KeunHyung (OATC Inc., Director)