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BRANDSTARS Selection Committee announced the final winning selections for 2019 Korean luxury brands.

The committee categorizes the most loved brands in Korea, China, and Southeast Asia by categories and announces an overall evaluation of the brands throughout the Asia region.

The brands selected for two consecutive years include Amorepacific Sulwhasoo, LG Household and Health Care‘s The History of Whoo and Nature Republic in the cosmetics category; Korea Ginseng Corporation’s CheongKwanJang in the health food category; LG Electronic PuriCare in the air purifier category, Huggies in the disposable diaper category; Buldak Ramen in the Ramen Category; Gentle Monster in the sunglasses category; MCM in the bag category; CUCKOO in the rice cooker category; and CGbio’s GISELLELIGNE in the filler category.

This year‘s newly selected brands are LG Pra.L in the at-home beauty device category; Charmzone and MANYOFACTORY in the cosmetics category, and MIDM Jen’y 3D Motion in the skincare device category. Apharm produced 3 newly selected brands including PETIT[N] in the healthcare category and Dr.NUELL and RANGBLACK in the cosmetics category.

LG Pra.L was named the at-home beauty device of this year with its proven safety and efficacy based on the LG Electronics' outstanding hardware manufacturing technology.

With its continuous investments in technology, Charmzone has several skin-related patent technologies, expanding its reach to more than 20 countries by word of mouth.

Apharm yielded a great result that three of its brands were selected. Dr.NUELL, renowned for the cosmetic product that makes skin healthier when it‘s applied, and RANGBLACK were selected in the cosmetics category. The company’s PETIT[N], a premium health functional food brand was selected in beauty and healthcare category.

MIDM Jen’y 3D Motion was selected for the skin care device category for its world-class technology and user convenience. It is a Galvanic base device that offers heating, cooling and vibration massage functions all in one device.

BRANDSTARS Selection Committee is a professional organization composed of experts from media and industries, specialize in brand evaluation, consulting and market research. The committee is dedicated to promoting Korean brands to consumers who love Korean products and showing the right direction of brand management to the companies by providing information about Korean brands consistently to China and Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia.

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