The Advisory Committee of THE K BEAUTY SCIENCE
The Advisory Committee of THE K BEAUTY SCIENCE
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THE K BEAUTY SCIENCE is proud to work with the best group of advisors in Korea. Experts with intelligence and competence in their respective fields contribute to the publication of THE K BEAUTY SCIENCE, each with a sense of commitment. This helps our venture to create the founding stones as K-beauty becomes a major player in the global beauty industry. Our advisory board carefully selects the latest, highest quality information from industries around the world to help our readers interpret the most-talked-about beauty trends.


■ Supervisory Committee

Lee, Oak-seop  Former Vice Chairman of SK Bioland

Park, Su-nam  Chair Professor, College of Natural Sciences, Seoul Women's University 

Jo, Wan-gu  former president of the Korean Cosmetic Society, former professor of basic medical science at Jeonju University 

Park, Jang-seo  Vice President, Korean Cosmetic Society 

Lee, Nam-ho  Professor, Department of Chemistry and Cosmetics, Jeju National University, Director of Jeju Industry-University Convergence Institute 

Hong, Jin-tae  President, Korean Pharmaceutical Society, Dean, College of Pharmacy, Chungbuk National University



Editorial Committee

Hwang, Jae-seong  Director of Dermatology Applied Material Leading Technology Development Project, Professor of Genetic Engineering, Kyung Hee University

Park, Joon-Sung  Professor, Department of Industrial Chemistry, Chungbuk National University 

Shin, Dong-wook  Professor, Department of Bio-Convergence Science, Konkuk University 

Yang, Jae-chan  Professor, Department of Cosmetics Engineering, Mokwon University 

Im, Kyung-min  Professor, Department of Pharmacy, Ewha Womans University

Jang, Min-yeol  Chief of Skinmed Clinical Trial Center 

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