Curious about K-beauty?
Curious about K-beauty?
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The K BEAUTY SCIENCE provides you with everything about K-beauty.

THE K BEAUTY SCIENCE was founded in 2018 with the concept of a K-beauty platform that connects Korea to the world.

We are gaining significant recognition of our effectiveness and value by focusing on R&D and consumer trends, which are emerging as keywords for the success of a business. In step with the full-fledged era of globalization, we are offering news from Korea and the global market not just in Korean for Korean companies seeking to enter the international market, but also in English for companies that wish to enter the Korean market (Chinese to be introduced soon). On top of the existing offline and online magazines, we recently adopted eBooks, as well as a print-on-demandPOD service that publishes only select information requested by readers, in an effort to deliver information more efficiently to more readers. In addition, we are working hard to propose the future pathway for the health and beautyH&B industry, in line with the trends of ESG management and convergence with other areas, such as IT and biotechnology.

Such endeavors of THE K BEAUTY SCIENCE are contributing greatly to the enhancement of the national competitiveness in H&B business, but also to the expansion of new business opportunities.

THE K BEAUTY SCIENCE is working with experts who are acknowledged for their hard work in a variety of areas. An editorial team comprised of an inspection committee that consists of members with many years of experience and an editorial committee that consists of college professors with ample theories and on-site experience. We also have a consulting group composed of professionals in various fields, including regulations, academia, distribution, and marketing to address a full spectrum of business challenges. Government agencies or groups that are undertaking various activities to improve the competitiveness of the H&B industry, and renowned market research firms in Korea and abroad that provide insights into fast-changing trends are also acting as reliable partners of THE K BEAUTY SCIENCE. Based on this infrastructure, we are carrying out collaborative projects with not just the industry but also the government.

Contact us anytime if you’d like to know more about the Korean cosmetics and beauty market. We will assist you with anything you may need. 



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