ReXRe-original mugwort mask achieves Vegan certification
ReXRe-original mugwort mask achieves Vegan certification
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SK Bioland's premium brand ReXRe has launched a 'Plantheory' line that offers answers to skin concerns from nature.

SK Bioland's premium brand ReXRe launched a "Plantheory" line on July 1 that suggests answers to skin concerns from nature. Plantheory, a compound word of plant, theory and philosophy, is a premium natural line containing ReXRe's own philosophy and theory that deals with plants, and is a single-component intensive care mask product from SK Bioland, the No. 1 natural ingredient manufacturer in Korea.

The new product is 'Plantheory Original Mask'. Only domestic natural raw materials with high efficacy were selected and the efficacy of the raw materials was extracted through low-temperature ultrasound extraction method, and the effects were maximized by putting them fully in a mask pack without other additives.

Plantheory Original Mask was released in three types: mugwort, camellia and citron. In particular, the Plantheory Original mugwort mask, which is the center of the line, contains 100% high purity of the efficacy of the three-year-old fortified wormwood, called the Korean tea tree, and features a deep and strong scent with its unique moisture calming effect. The application of OEKO-TEX 1st-grade biocellulose sheet and the use of EWG GREEN-grade ingredients enable safe skin care, and the certification procedure is added to meet consumer needs.

In addition, the plantheory Original Camellia Mask, which is made by utilizing only sapponin-rich camellia with skin lipid and antioxidant effects, and Plantheory original citron mask using Goheungsan citron, which contains three times as much vitamin C as lemon, expanded the functionality of the Plantheory line.

Since its launch in the second half of 2019, ReXRe has been presenting mask pack solutions that combine natural materials and bio-technology to consumers' skin concerns, and continues to provide products and services that meet their customers' needs.

"We are focusing on marketing to secure our position in the premium market," a ReXRe official manager said. "We will give new vitality to the premium cosmetics market and strengthen our position at the same time by launching Plantheory Line using natural materials."

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