SUNJIN BEAUTY SCIENCE, Development of Substitute Natural Silica Materials for Microplastics
SUNJIN BEAUTY SCIENCE, Development of Substitute Natural Silica Materials for Microplastics
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Successfully reproduced sense of use with nanotechnical natural coating technology
SUNJIN BEUTY SCIENCE's roadmap for alternative raw materials for microplastics

SUNJIN BEAUTY SCIENCE succeeded in developing alternative raw materials to solve microplastics.

Microplastics of less than 5mm size, which are not easy to biodegrade. A study found that one person is mainly consuming microplastics that amount to one credit card and one toothbrush per week(World Wildlife Fund & Australia's Newcastle University, 2019) and results detected in major bottled water around the world (2018) have emerged worldwide, including Europe and China. As a result, the ban on the manufacture and sale of microplastics was expanded in various countries such as the United States, France, and Italy by 2020, and it was urgent to come up with alternative measures for microplastics in many domestic and foreign industrial groups where microplastics are mainly generated and utilized.

In the cosmetics industry, demand for substitutes has also increased. This is because many microplastics such as polymethylactic acid (PMMA) and polyurethane (PMA) have been used to control skin tone, improve product use, and absorb oil.

SUNJIN BEAUTY SCIENCE succeeded in reproducing the various uses of microplastic particles with its own natural coating technology, which was developed using silica, a mineral source 15 years old.

Silica, a natural origin ingredient, is used as a substitute material for microplastics, and because of its high dependence on foreign countries due to the nature of the functional particle market, the development of natural silica materials based on SUNJIN BEAUTY SCIENCE, which is developed based on domestic technology, has great significance.

An official from SUNJIN BEAUTY SCIENCE said, "Nano-crafted natural coating technology developed by the research team has been applied to natural silica-weapon particles rather than synthetic polymers(fine plastic) particles, securing the level of existing plastic particles and synthetic-coated silica particles."

It is expected that the developed natural-originated silica raw materials will be applicable to various products such as eye cream, anti-wrinkle effect, whitening cream, night cream, and sunscreen, which include porous particles.


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