Danjoungbio Co.,Ltd, completion of the second plant of natural products extraction
Danjoungbio Co.,Ltd, completion of the second plant of natural products extraction
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3x the production capacity... make a foundation for Smart Factory System

Danjoungbio Co.,Ltd completed the second plant of extracting natural substances in Wonju, Gangwon-province, and held a ceremony on the June 6.

Danjoungbio Co.,Ltd (CEO Choung, Eui Su) has greatly expanded its production capacity.

Danjoungbio Co.,Ltd aims to become a world-class natural science company through efforts to develop natural materials, and is developing, producing, and supplying natural materials (raw materials) for cosmetics, food, medicine, and non-medical products at home and abroad through secondary processing such as fermentation by cultivating the natural resources in Korea.

Danjoungbio completed a new plant to extract the natural substances with a floor area of 3,300㎡and three stories above ground in Wonju, Gangwon Province, and held a ceremony on the 6th. The second plant was carried out to cope with surging demand through the expansion of production bases as demand for Danjoungbio's products in the domestic market and overseas markets such as China, Thailand and Europe increased. As a result, Danjoungbio increased its production capacity three times more than before, increasing its ability to respond to demands from customers. In addition, the foundation was created so that accurate and fast supply of the raw materials could be possible through smart factory in the future.

The second plant is equipped with production facilities dedicated to natural, organic and vegan raw materials and fermentation-only rooms using microorganisms. In addition, HEPA filter, a high-performance filter that can filter out most of the extremely fine particles, was applied to the air conditioning system to prevent contamination from outside, a large-capacity vial freeze drying room was secured, and a vial auto filling system was established.

Danjoungbio Co.,Ltd CEO(Choung, Eui Su) said, "We will continue to make efforts to ensure that our customers are satisfied with both quality and service based on the existing strict and systematic quality management and enhanced production competitiveness, although the economic growth rate has declined and external conditions have worsened due to COVID-19."


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