Kolmar Korea developed powder-blusher with four colors in a single case
Kolmar Korea developed powder-blusher with four colors in a single case
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The Kolmar Korea Makeup Research Center has developed Powder Blusher, which contains four different colors in one case by applying a spin blending(SB) method that removes the borderline of colors and implements gradation effects.

Kolmar Korea, a global cosmetics ODM manufacturing company, said that it has developed the first Powder Blusher in Korea, which contains four different colors in one case. In addition to this, it has brought technological and aesthetic differentiation by adding gradation effects.

Powder Blusher, which are applied to the cheeks to create lively skin, had the inconvenience of having to have several products because they were applied with different chroma depending on the skin tone. In addition, powder blusher, which have been released in the cosmetics market so far, usually contained only one color or collected completely different colors in one case.

The powder blusher developed by Kolmar Korea this time features a gradient of the same color in one case, making it easy to use for skin tone.

In general, powder consists of small and light particles, which tend to disperse without clumping together. As a result, there was a limit to having multiple colors in one case without boundaries.

Kolmar Korea's makeup research center has developed a technology that allows powder particles to converge and solved this problem. It has been coated and fixed with moisturizing oil in order to find the best viscosity that allows particles to clump together well. It also applied the "Spin Blending(SB)" method, which eliminates color boundaries by introducing new facilities and implements gradient effects, after a year of research and development.

In addition, Kolmar Korea reduced the darkening effect of darkening skin color as makeup is absorbed into the skin and increased the lasting effect of makeup. In particular, it used a powder that is more flexible and thinner than a regular blusher to apply smoothly, making it transparent and subtle.

Starting with this gradation powder blusher, Kolmar Korea plans to lead a new trend in the global blusher market by creating products that have never been before, including design and color in blusher.

"The number of customers who want products with unique visual and convenience is steadily increasing," said Lee Eon-yeop, a senior researcher. "We will continue to develop products that reflect new trends to realize customer satisfaction and solidify our status as the No. 1 global company."

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