'The 1st CI KOREA CONFERENCE' held for 3 days
'The 1st CI KOREA CONFERENCE' held for 3 days
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[The K-Beauty Science] 'International Cosmetics Materials' sponsored by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and the Korea Cosmetics Association and hosted by the Management Exhibition. CI KOREA 2020 will open on July 27 (Monday). The exhibition will run for four days until July 30 (Thursday) at KINTEX Exhibition Hall 1 in Goyang.

According to the guidelines released by the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters(CDSCHQ), the exhibition thoroughly implements guidelines by measuring the heat generated by visitors, checking the wearing of masks, managing the records of visitors' registrations, equipping quarantine equipment, managing the streets behind the exhibition booths, clearing the distance between the booths, and within the exhibition hall.

CI KOREA 2020 ExhibitionㆍConference will be co-hosted by The K-Beauty Science and Managment Exhibition under the theme of New Paradigm, Sustainable Management and Convergence.

The first day of the conference, which will be held from July 27, will highlight new trends and patterns in cosmetics research and development that are drawing attention at home and abroad, while the second day will introduce the latest research trends for sustainable management, which is emerging as the biggest topic of the global cosmetics industry. On the third day, they overlook at the current status and future of various convergence research.

At the same time, the special seminar hall in CI KOREA exhibition hall will introduce export guides for China and Colombia, global SNS marketing trends, customized cosmetics system explanation, national qualification test status and improvement directions, actual case analysis and overseas customized cosmetics analysis, and new materials of participating companies.

‘K-BEAUTYーBreakthrough Zone’, which introduces unique technologies, materials, differentiated concepts and packaging trends for the K-Beauty industry, will display new products from Koreana Cosmetics, Rabiot Lepatori, Sound Time and Mafiel.

In addition, organizers will hold a two-day overseas buyer 1:1 recall consultation meeting with the Korea International Trade Association, jointly with the Korea International Trade Association, to create an overseas export market blocked by Corona 19.

Twenty-six overseas buyers from 10 countries have been confirmed to participate in the conference. Participating countries include India, Japan, Thailand, China, the Philippines, Australia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam and Singapore, among other major exporters of domestic packaging companies.

The exhibition will be held as part of ICPI WEEK (Cosmetics Pharmaceuticals Week), where more than 600 companies in the fields of LAB equipment, packaging, production manufacturing, and distribution will participate in the exhibition booth to check the entire process from cosmetics development to production technology information.

In addition, it will be held simultaneously with KOREA PACK, the largest packaging exhibition in Korea, so you can also see the packaging technology of leading packaging companies directly.

The exhibition is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and participants' products, lists, booth layout, schedules for seminars and conference can be found on the website (www.cikorea.org).

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