Daebong LS is Taking Off as an Intellectual Property Management Company
Daebong LS is Taking Off as an Intellectual Property Management Company
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©Daebong LS

[The K Beauty Science] Daebong LS (CEO Park Jin-oh), a company specializing in cosmetic materials and raw materials, is growing into an intellectual property management company by securing patent rights one after another. Intellectual property management refers to management that strategically utilizes intellectual property rights throughout the entire management of companies, including strategies to secure intellectual property rights and marketing, from the beginning of research and development.

Daebong LS is pursuing green management such as Clean Beauty, Green Chemistry, and Upcycling while simultaneously contemplating and solving the fundamental goals of the company, such as increasing profitability and environmental issues. This is because consumers are buying not only quality but also environmental value when choosing a product. For example, through the patent map project, the company established the overall market environment survey and corporate management strategy in pursuit of green management, such as the development of upcycling methods of resources that had been abandoned, such as citron seeds and carrot leaves, the bio-conversion reaction of vegetable oil, not chemical reactions, and the technology development strategy of eco-friendly materials. This year, the company plans to develop products after reviewing and developing new patent strategies and extracting blank technology through diagnosis of patent patterns on beauty devices.

In the cosmetics field, the patent application was completed with the development of materials and technologies, including bioconversion reaction technology of vegetable oil, fermentation of natural materials, technology for microbiome, and plant water manufacturing technology possessed by the plant itself. In the field of pharmaceutical products, Efinaconazole, an athlete's foot treatment, Azilsartan Medoxomil, a high blood pressure treatment, and Liraglutide, a biopharmaceutical treatment for obesity, have been developed as new and environmentally friendly manufacturing methods.

Since 2018, Daebong LS has been making aggressive investments to secure R&D and intellectual property rights by applying for patents not only to IP TOP5 countries such as China, Japan, Europe, and the U.S., but also to Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. It holds 44 domestic and nine overseas patents, 21 domestic and 15 overseas patents are currently under review.

A company official said, “We will pursue ‘Change and Innovation’ through intellectual property-based management and respond quickly to global cirses and changes,” He added, "Our goal is to become a technology-based 'corporate that thinks about humanity and the environment' by proactively responding to uncertainties of changes."

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