COSMAX announces ‘make-up foundation’ new technology
COSMAX announces ‘make-up foundation’ new technology
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Cosmax has overcome the shortcomings of the existing makeup foundation and has developed a technology that greatly improves the feels and coverage sustainability of it.

Existing foundations have limitations of coarse feeling and thickening of makeup due to uneven pigmentation since it was not feasible to process pigments smaller and more uniformly.

Overcoming these disadvantages, it showed a long-lasting foundation technology without darkening, and excellent coverage even with only a small amount.

The technology not only covers the age-spots and pigment deposition but also features cover effect and excellent durability that uniformly corrects the tone of the entire face. Human trials have proved that △easy and quick application, adhesion △skin uniformity improvement △coverage durability improvement △ moisturizing sustainability improvement △UV rays shielding effect.

A Cosmax official said, "We named this as 'X-Line' technology and innovatively resolved problems of the existing foundations and greatly improved product power and stability." "The 'X-fine' technology is an upgraded version of the natural beauty that makeup can express," said Park Myung Sam, head of Cosmax's R&I center. "There are positive reactions in the U.S., China, Indonesia and Thailand where Cosmax has advanced." "We are planning to gradually expand this technology in making BB cream, CC cream, ton-up cushion, and sunscreen."



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