GFC Life Sciences Passes Estee Lauder Quality Field Survey
GFC Life Sciences Passes Estee Lauder Quality Field Survey
  • Accepted 2021.02.10 11:41
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ⓒ GFC Life Sciences
ⓒ GFC Life Sciences

[The K-Beauty Science] GFC Life Sciences (CEO Kang Hee-chul), which has focused on bio-materials (cosmetic materials), has finally passed a quality fact-finding mission from global cosmetics brand Estee Lauder for its bio-material plant (Anseong). Through this, the company expected full-scale sales to be realized from the fourth quarter of this year.

GFC Life Sciences acquired EFfCI-GMP (European Standard for Manufacturing Quality Control of Excellent Cosmetics Materials) facility certification on June 26, which is rare for a bio-material company. It also received a CSR (social responsibility) silver rating, and recently passed the audit with excellent scores after the on-site inspection of "Estee Lauder" in August. EFfCI-GMP certification is a certification given to manufacturers of bio-materials (cosmetics materials) and is certified that all bio-materials (cosmetics materials) produced at GFC Life Science Anseong plant have international standards.

An official from GFC Life Sciences said, "We are planning to deliver 'Bio-Gold Ginseng et al 1 item' to some Korean cosmetics brands from the fourth quarter as 'Estee Lauder'." In particular, the company expected that "Bio-Gold Ginseng" will be commercialized as many products in the future with the world's first new saponin, Rh23, a material that has superior whitening effects and clinically proven wrinkle improvement effects than regular ginseng and arbutin.

Also, a GFC Life Sciences official said, "The fact that sales related to bio-materials are generated by global cosmetics brands is not only the efficacy of the material, but also the process and quality related to the production of the material have all been recognized." To that end, the company will continue to do its best to manage quality for customer satisfaction, as it has made bold investments to expand new factories, expand production lines and improve quality over the past two years.

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