Active use of 'Brand K' for national events
Active use of 'Brand K' for national events
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[The K-Beauty Science] The Ministry of SMEs and Startups said it will actively utilize "Brand K" during national events and promote small and medium-sized companies' overseas expansion by supporting non-face-to-face exports.

The Ministry of SMEs and Startups made the announcement on October 6th about a comprehensive plan to nurture small and medium-sized businesses (2020-2022).

Currently, there are about 20 cosmetics/beauty products selected for Brand K, including Wrinkle Power Filling, Mondglac, Myearthday Moisturizing Lotion, Kirania Natural Shampoo, Cho Sung-ahTM Water powder cream 7X, Max Clinic Oilform Cleanser, CL4 Max Hyaluronic Propolis Ampoule, Dr. Wellmade One White Toning Cream, Han Jang (Paper detergent), Houttuynia cordata Derma Scalp Intensive Ampoule(cosmtics, Witch’s Pouch (beauty products), Pearl Care Galvanic (ultra-sonic ion massage), Miracle Water (multipurpose cleaning agents), Hydra (Skin ampoule serum), Honey & Macadamia (premium Nature Shampoo), and NEW Cocodor (Flower defuser),UniqueMe Mask packs(100-day fermentation of Jeju Banglimwon Volcanic Songdonggul), Propolis (gargle), cellreturn LED mask (skin improvement device), and By Rodin Contour.

Meanwhile, the comprehensive plan to foster small and medium-sized enterprises" contains a new vision of "implementing a digital powerhouse that leads the world by fostering global innovative companies." Major contents include fostering digital-based third-generation global innovative companies by promoting digitalization of small and medium-sized enterprises, expanding management stability and recovery safety nets for small business owners to overcome the Corona 19 crisis, and strengthening support customized to traditional small and medium-sized enterprises.

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