'LAIT PIEL’ a non-contact artificial intelligence skin diagnostic device
'LAIT PIEL’ a non-contact artificial intelligence skin diagnostic device
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Bio and IT convergence startup, BAYBIOTECH has completed developing an artificial intelligence skin diagnosis device that can diagnose overall skin condition of the face with just a picture of a face that was taken as contactless and has introduced prototypes.

The name of the product is 'LAIT PIEL.' It is a breakthrough product that can diagnose the individual skin condition, such as skin trouble and wrinkle, with just one photo of a face obtained through its AI algorithm program and the image analysis program for skin (BITU) developed by BayBiotech.

The results of diagnosis can be checked the results of diagnosis in real time through its smartphone application. Depending on the result of skin damage condition, personalized cosmetics are recommended for customers with low damage level, and provide consultations for customized cosmetics that can improve skin condition. If the results of BITU determined that improvement is difficult only through the home cosmetic consulting, it recommends skin care shops and dermatologists to provide a way to improve the skin in a short period. BayBiotech was selected as the SV Beauty Tech in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, US in July, and established the bridgehead for U.S market entry.

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