'K-BEAUTY EXPO KOREA 2020' Seminar Ground Broadcasting
'K-BEAUTY EXPO KOREA 2020' Seminar Ground Broadcasting
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'K-BEAUTY EXPO KOREA' Beauty Conference reveals
KINTEX and The K-Beauty Science Collaboration
45 experts in each field to give an online lectures

Marking its 12th anniversary this year, "K-BEAUTY EXPO KOREA" first presented a beauty conference. KINTEX, which organizes this exhibition, collaborated with The K-Beauty Science. This paper participated as a media and strategic partner in this exhibition.

This year, it opened online following the spread of Covid-19. "K-Beauty Insight Trend Concert" was held live on November 26 and "K-Beauty R&D Trend Concert" was held live on November 27. TrendTALK TechTALK was released for six days from November 23 to 28, the period of K-Beauty Week. Let me introduce the main contents of this conference.

The K-Beauty Science has formed a media and strategic partner with KINTEX, which hosts "K-BEAUTY EXPO KOREA." The photos are being recorded by speakers who participated in the "K-Beauty Insight Trend Concert."

K-Beauty Insight Trend Concert

Jeon Mi-young, a researcher at Seoul National University's Consumer Trend Analysis Center, opened the first door of the conference, co-author of "Trend Korea," which is published every year. Jeon explained the keyword 'COWBOY HERO', which was presented in Trend Korea 2021. The keyword means to overcome the crisis together like "a skillful cowboy who tames a flying cow" in the year of the cow Vacca, which became the etymology of the vaccine Vaccine. The 10 keywords are △Coming of‘V-nomics’ △Omni-layered Homes △We Are the Money-friendly Generation △Best We Pivot △On This Rollercoaster Life △Your Daily Sporty Life △Heading to the Resell Fever △Everyone Matters in the ‘CX(Customer eXperience)Universe’ △‘Real Me’: Searching for My Own Label △‘Ontact’, ‘Untact’, with a Human Touch.

Park Hyun-young, director of Life Change Observation Division at Vibe Company, said, "If the concept is to put forward one's brand, the code is understood and accepted by consumers," adding, "The brand needs to understand the code of △ 'I' with BIG3 code, △ The code of my industry."

Kwak Na-rae, a partner of SSG Dotcom, introduced e-commerce beauty trends after Covid-19. Skin care is △ Skin care growth △ Directly emphasized the ingredient name △ Toner sales increase △ Skin booster-based cosmetic brand attention, makeup is △ Foundation-free phenomenon △ Fixer sales increase △ Lip makeup sales decrease △ Nail care increase

Joo Si-tae, head of NICE Genie Data, introduced changes in online and offline cosmetics distribution markets. In particular, the online market analyzed Olive Networks' courier delivery data, and the offline market used NICE Genie data to explain sales data by city, county, and district. According to the data, consumption of body care and cleansing items increased the most in the online cosmetics market since COVID-19.

Yoon Jung-ha, CEO of Jakdangmo, analyzed that the average length of each video was 10 minutes and 31 seconds, and the average number of cosmetics was 11.72 as a result of analyzing the beauty video operated by the company. The success law of Generation Z target service is △ focused on mobile △ influencer trusted by Generation Z, along with product and service planning that satisfies △ 'Na' △ Creating a 'light' community based on taste and interest △ providing various opportunities offline.

CEO Lee Ha-na Melixer introduced her experience in entering global markets by expanding vegetarian Vegan concept into cosmetics. CEO Lee stressed the need for marketing focused on building Melixer's own culture and customer experience △ technology differentiation △ the most advanced way of operation in the △ beauty industry.

Choi Yong-joon, CEO of Lulu Lab, introduced Beauty Tech industry. Beauty Tech refers to the convergence and connection between the beauty industry and high-tech technologies. "The market for home care beauty devices, which can be used safely by popularizing professional service areas, has arrived," he said. "It is important to secure artificial intelligence-based skin data by realizing artificial intelligence and personalization."

Jemma Shin, WGSN strategist, is a post-Corona19 response △ Techcelleration △ Purposeful Pleasure △ Hygiene and Safety △ Hyper Localism △ Localism △ In particular, he said, "Consumers will demand accurate evidence of the concepts that brands put forward. And those who speak for the brand will not be Celeb and influencer, but scientific experts.

K-Beauty R&D Trend Concert

Kim Sun-joo, CEO of COA Consulting, said, "If you continue to try 'trend subjectivity' that connects trends to your business, it will always lead to results." △ As a trend-reading habit for cosmetics R&D researchers, you are interested in people, stores, and streets △ Before leaving the house. △ We don't miss conversations at small meetings △ We use early adopters around us △ We suggest using SNS and free analysis tools for big data.

Lee Kyung-gu, head of the leading technology development team for skin science application materials, introduced the "Cosmetic Industry and Technology Trends as a national research and development project" and predicted, "The future cosmetics technology will emerge as a new paradigm." In particular, the cosmetics market predicted that changes such as △ new language △ experimentation and evaluation of emotions △ preference over "biological activity" △ increased consumer interest in corporate social responsibility and ethics △ strong resource sovereignty such as Nagoya Protocol. Therefore, △ Securing leading technology in skin basic research △ Improving advanced technology △ Developing cosmetics source materials △ Responding to new paradigm, non-technical △ Improving brand value and consistency △ Proactively responding to social needs △ Finding communication elements △ Our own story is needed.

Shin Gwi-im, a patent manager at the Korea Intellectual Property Office, announced patent trends for functional cosmetics. In particular, the main applicants in Korea between 2000 and 2009 were finished product companies such as AmorePacific and LG Household & Health Care, but since 2010, applications for Korea Kolmar and Cosmax, which are professional producers, have increased.

Professor of Biocosmetics at Namwon University analyzed the Journal of the Korean Cosmetics Association published from 2016 to September 2020, and Lee Joon-bae, head of the Cosmax R&I Center-based Technology Research Lab, analyzed the 2013-2019 paper published by the International Federation of Societies of Cosmetics (IFSCC). LG Household & Health Care was the largest institution (university and businesses) with the largest number of thesis contributions to the Korean Cosmetic Association with 29.0 cases, followed by AmorePacific with 12.5 cases and Jeju National University with 12 cases. Next were Seoul National University of Science and Technology, Seowon University, Cosmax, Semyung University, Konkuk University, Jeonju University, G.F., Biospectrum, Hoseo University, It's Hanbul, Korea Kolmar, Kyungpook National University, Elid, Mokwon University, Daegu Oriental Medicine, Hanyang University, Soongsil University, Gyeonggi-do Province.

IFSCC 2015-2019 Major Sessions

Jung Hae-won, leader of AmorePacific's Future Technology Lab, introduced digital transformation after post-Covid-19 and sanitary hygiene, customized cosmetics packages, and eco-friendly (sustainable) cosmetics packages. Leader Jung analyzed that Corona 19 is strengthening digital marketing → increasing customized products → increasing delivery → increasing more than 15% of waste → increasing the importance of eco-friendly package development → increasing the number of sustainable package development cases of global companies.

Choi Jung-soon, manager of UL Korea, said, "Global companies use 'Profector PROSPECTOR' to △Bakuchiol △Sodium Stearoyl Glutamate △Hydroxyacetophone △Propanediol △Polyglyceryl-3 Diisostearate △Hydroxypropyl Starch Phosphate It said it searched for ingredients such as background materials.

Na Chae-sun, head of the Baekdudaegan Arboretum, said, "Our country is also a material powerhouse with about 50,000 species of biological resources, animals, and 360 species of plant (specialty plants)."

Trend TALK and Tech TALK

A total of 29 experts from each field participated in Trend TALK and Tech TALK. The speakers' lectures were pre-recorded, and were released free of charge from November 23-28, during the "K-Beauty Week."

"Leaders of this era need to understand the DATA industry and the Analytics mechanism," said Kim Jung-min, CEO of Releasemi, who announced "How to utilize beauty big data in the digital era." Bureau Van Dijk-Moody's Analytics, team leader Baek Min-young, explained 'Global companies, how to develop overseas markets using patent data'. Vuro Bandaik is Moody's Analytics's corporate information division and is a Global Leading Data Provider that provides corporate data and data utilization solutions to public institutions, global companies, financial institutions, and consulting firms through 35 global networks. Park Sang-joon, CEO of Brunel, introduced patent search artificial intelligence that prevents R&D research. [Refer to the November 2020 issue]

Cosmetics industry's strategy to respond to Covid-19 has also come out. Lim Dong-hoon, head of Eluo Division, explained, "In order to establish a strategy that fits the changed situation, manufacturers and brands should share from the planning stage and cooperate with marketing." Kim Jin-young, leader of COS247 team, stressed, "In the era of post-corona and the fourth industrial revolution, the cosmetics industry should establish a sharing system through DX (Digital Transformation) and Factory as a Service (FaaS) systems to do quantum jump."

It was also interesting to see a combination of beauty industry and new technologies. Team leader Park Min-seok (Samsung Electronics, Becon) explained hair loss home care that can analyze hair condition with diagnostic devices and receive customized solutions, Lee Sung-won, senior researcher at AmorePacific, developed 3D customized mask packs, and Yoo Jong-wan, CEO of Bay Biotech, explained artificial skin diagnostic devices using non-contact imaging. Lee Je-hoon, CEO of Deeppixel Deeppixel, said, "The key competitive edge is to provide customers with new shopping experiences. AR (Augmented Reality) technology can provide the best shopping experience by expanding and personalizing information." Bae Won-kyu, a professor at Soongsil University, also introduced a technology using stamping patch Stamping patch that mimics the serpent's back molar naturally. Kim Young-soo, head of the Baekdudaegan Arboretum, stressed, "Functional materialization is important by discovering new values for the original species itself," and introduced Baekdudaegan Global Seedbolt, a permanent storage facility for wild plant seeds.

Jin Jung-im, CEO of Beauty Streams Korea, Lee Eui-kwon, Director of EuroMonitor International Korea, Lim Dong-hoon, Eluo, and Baek Min-young, Team Leader of Vuro Bandaiq (clockwise from the top left) are conducting recording lectures for the "Trend TALK" and "Tech TALK" seminars.

It also pointed out the trend of global cosmetics markets. Lee Eui-kwon, director of EuroMonitor International Korea, cited △ Wellness △ Personalization Digitalization △ Disruptive Innovation △ Men △ Clean Cleanliness △ Ethical Sustainability as a major trend in the global market. Over the next five years, skincare will be the main categories in the Asian market, sun care and perfume in Europe, and the global online skincare market will be natural and organic. In particular, it is analyzed that customers aged 45 or older should be the main target in the online markets. Shim Jung-im, CEO of Beauty Streams Korea, introduced SKINFLUENCE, a skinflance through storytelling. Seongmin(Mike) Sohn, General Manager of REACH24H KOREA, is a consumption characteristic of China's young cosmetics consumers △ Purchases based on individual tastes and characteristics (buy personal-preferred products, not buying from public fame) △ Brave color expressions (lipstick, eye-shadow, self-dyeing, etc.) △ Cosmetic information learning skin inspection and influential platform △ It also introduced searching for skin care components. According to ChemLinked, the 2020 Top 10 Skin Care Ingredients Search Top 10 was △ Fish Oil △ Cannabis Leaves △ Diatomaceous earth △ White lotus △ Brown Rice △ Lactobionic Acid △ Royal Jelly △ Turmeric △ Peony △ Yogurt.

"The beauty and personal care market in India and Brazil is rapidly growing, makeup products are preferred in the Mexican and Brazilian markets, and skincare products are preferred in Korea, Germany, the U.S., and Brazil," said Alexia Yun, manager of Statista. In particular, he analyzed, "J-beauty is challenging to become the No. 1 market share in China through differentiation by brand rather than focusing on technology and brand power."

In addition, in Trend TALK and Tech TALK, △ Kim Joo-yeon, head of CAIQTEST KOREA team, said, "2021 New Cosmetic Supervision Ordinance" △ Nam Sung-chul, a customs official, said, "Cosmetics China's tariff should be lowered (Korea-China FTA utilization method)“ △ Attorney Hwang Sung-pil (Chansung International Patent Law Office) said, "The strategy to secure intellectual property rights for exploring and investing in the global market." △ Roh Jang-seo, director of the Korea Halal Industry Research Institute, said, "Is it working in the Korean cosmetics and halal market?’ △ Kim Mi-hee, head of the Korea Health Industry Promotion Agency, said, "Supporting overseas expansion of K-beauty through diversification of cosmetics exporters." △ Park Ki-hyuk, CEO of BP Technology Trading, said, "Survive the post-covid era for cosmetics businesses." △ Yang Sung-eun and Lim Ji-yoon, manager of House Butique, said, "Vegan Consumer's Choice Indicator, Vegan Mark" △ Director of the Humane Society International, Servorami Humane Society International, HSI, said, "The current status of the ASEAN National Cruelty Free" △ Lee Hyun-joon, chairman of the Korea Wigs Association, said, "Makeup is complete! Hair and makeup." △ Im Chan-kyun, manager of Bikanbus, said, "How to work at Silicon Valley in a new era." △ CEO of BOOKS in the bookcase of Shin Ho-jung is 'Untact Beauty' △ Lee Yeon-soo, CEO of Art & Com, said, "The original technology of beauty promotion marketing that drives the growth of the company and individual." △ Cosmetics critic Choi Ji-hyun said, "Things that are never known by the cosmetics ingredient list." △ Kim Min-ju, editor of The K-Beauty Science, announced 'R&D Trend Viewed as The K-Beauty Science' respectively.

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