NEXGEN BIOTECH registered three peptides on INCI
NEXGEN BIOTECH registered three peptides on INCI
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Bee venom is known to have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and it is known to inhibit acne bacteria and Staphylococcus aureus causing skin troubles, and also has an effect on skin regeneration.

However, since the extracts contain various amines such as proteins, peptides, enzymes, and histamine, unwanted substances may permeate and cause skin allergies and cell toxicity, requiring caution. In order to overcome these issues, Nexgen Biotech has mass-produced the three key peptides of the Bee venom, Tertiapin (INCI name: s-Tertiapin SP), Melittin (INCI name: Methionyl s-Melittin SP), Apamin (INCI name: s-Apamin SP), and made it possible for the quantitative use.

In addition, a patent application has been filed as a cosmetic composition containing three kinds of bee venom mixture. In addition, by confirming the proliferative effect of the bee venom triple peptide mixture on the dermal papilla cells of the hair follicle, it is expected that it can be used for hair growth promoting and hair loss prevention products.

Meanwhile, based on genetic engineering technology and the recombinant protein research, development, and production technology, Nexgen acquired the first US patents in 2018 for the spider venom hybrid new cosmetic composition material, and the efforts and research are still currently underway to develop new materials.

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