'CUBE ME' by AMOREPACIFIC, skin specialized dietary supplement brand
'CUBE ME' by AMOREPACIFIC, skin specialized dietary supplement brand
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AMOREPACIFIC has launched 'CUBE ME' a skin-specialized dietary supplement brand that proposes three-dimensional skincare down to dermis layer, in October 2018 and has come up with five types of products.

Cube Me, meaning "CUBE Managed by Eating Solution," is a product of the "eating cosmetics" concept, which is designed from a three-dimensional structure of the skin and can generate greater synergy when consumed along with the use of cosmetics. It is not awkward to put the cube-type chewable tablets in a stylish container and put them on a dressing table.

Cube Me's flagship product, "Waterbank Cube," is a combination of 120 mg of functional hyaluronic acid and a variety of subsidiary ingredients (collagen, elastin, and ceramide) recognized by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, and is recommended when additional care is needed while using moisturizing cosmetics.

Another flagship product is the 'Collagen Cube' containing 1,000 mg of collagen, which accounts for more than 70% of skin's dermis. It contains vitamin C with low-molecular fish collagen amenable for dermal absorption. Besides, 'Shine Cube', which is good for energy generation and vitality in the body due to intensive outdoor activities and stress, 'Clean Cube' that helps the growth of epithelial cells and maintenance of normal immune function and skin mucous membrane function, and 'Youth Cube' that helps manage healthy and energetic antioxidant are released along and can be selected according to need.

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