Sunjin Beauty Science's “hectorite” material selected as the front cover study of a SCI-indexed journal
Sunjin Beauty Science's “hectorite” material selected as the front cover study of a SCI-indexed journal
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It is announced on the 20th of April that the research content based on the cosmetic material “hectorite” being developed by Sunjin Beauty Science (CEO Yi Seong-ho), a company specializing in manufacturing cosmetic raw materials, was published as the cover study in the April 2021 issue of the American Chemical Society’s 'Langmuir', a SCI (Science Citation Index)-indexed journal.

Pickering emulsion is a technique of emulsifying using solid particles instead of conventional chemical emulsifiers. It has the advantages of reducing the skin irritation of cosmetics by not using an emulsifier and reducing the sticky feel peculiar to emulsifiers, making it possible to create cosmetics with a refreshing feeling. However, because of its poor emulsification stability compared to ordinary emulsifiers, Pickering emulsion has been limitedly applied in the cosmetic industry so far.

In this study, Sunjin Beauty Science used the double complexing actions between cellulose fibers and hectorite to overcome the emulsification instability, which has been pointed out as a disadvantage of the existing Pickering emulsion. The stability of emulsion was dramatically improved through this, and this study was published on the front cover of Langmuir magazine in recognition of its academic achievement.

The title of the paper is “Structuring Pickering Emulsion Interfaces with Bilayered Coacervates of Cellulose Nanofibers and Hectorite Nanoplatelets.”

Meanwhile, Sunjin Beauty Science, founded in 1988, has been engaged in manufacturing raw materials used for sunscreen, color cosmetics, and skincare products. Its technological prowess is being recognized, such as being the first in the domestic cosmetics industry to receive NAI (No Action Indicated) approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The company was listed on the KOSDAQ market earlier this year.

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