Cell Icon Lab Develops Peptide that Selectively Removes Aging-Cells
Cell Icon Lab Develops Peptide that Selectively Removes Aging-Cells
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Cell Icon Lab (CEO Sung Min-kyu), a bio-venture company specializing in peptide development, has developed "Cenolic Peptide," a peptide material that selectively removes aging cells, with more than two years of research.

"Cenolitic" is a technology currently focused on the world's leading research institutes and refers to technologies and drugs that selectively remove only aging cells from the body. According to a paper published in the world's two major mountain ranges, “Nature” and “Science,” in 2016, it was reported that eliminating aging cells could have a rejuvenating effect as well as prolong life.

This was a big opportunity in recognize aging, a natural phenomenon that occurs over time, as a "disease." Currently, "aging" is a disease recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and has been codenamed MG2A:Oldage for the first time in 2018, and since then, the global market for aging-control drugs and senile diseases cures has exploded. In the near future, this boom is anticipated to expand to the cosmetics industry in the control of skin aging.

It was confirmed that the aging cells treated with the cenolic peptide developed by Cellicon Lab significantly reduced the aging markers SA-β-Gal, p21, and p16. This aging marker appears more in aging cells than in normal cells.

In addition, experiments with selective removal of aging cells confirmed that the aging cell death factor, Bax/BCL-2, was increased and the aging-related secretion phenotype factor (SASP) was decreased.

Based on the above results, Cell Icon Lab has completed the standardization registration of the raw material with the Personal Care Products Council (PCPC) and the domestic ingredient name.

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