“COLinus is a collagen material using biotechnology”
“COLinus is a collagen material using biotechnology”
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Song-Seok Shin, Director of Hyundai Bioland(CTO)

Q. Please introduce Hyundai Bio Land.

Hyundai Bioland was established in 1995 pursuing the localization of raw materials which was highly dependent on overseas products. Based on top-tier infrastructure of R&D and production, Hyundai Bioland promotes itself as a specialized beauty & healthcare company spreading business fields into cosmetic, functional food and bio healthcare. In addition, the company actively responds to recent ESG management trend with awarded a special prize from UN SDG association in 2021, and ESG best run enterprise from Korea Corporate Governance Service in 2022.

Q. How’s the recent trend of cosmetics ingredients after COVID-19?

As we are entering the endemic stage, the use of makeup and the demand of new makeup cosmetics are increasing. Compared to existing makeup product which was difficult to get efficacy claim, new emerging product with certain active ingredient content will be a major market trend in the near future. For this reason we expect oil soluble active ingredient with key efficacy will be noteworthy trend. At the moment Hyundai Bioland is developing technologies and items which are able to disperse or dissolve hydrophilic active and natural ingredient in oil.

Q. Is this the first time you're showing COLinus at this exhibition?

COLinus was developed and released in the end of 2021, through 3-year collaboration with A-Biotech, a venture specialized in gene analysis and human recombinant collagen R&D. We are very pleased to have an opportunity to introduce this item in this exhibition.

Q. Why did you develop COLinus?

Collagen is the essential component for the human body used for cosmetic, food and medical application, but its efficacy has been underestimated so far. This comes from consumer’s negative awareness due to the use of animal sources and low efficacy of collagen extracted from fish scale. In cosmetics, it is often claimed as ‘acid hydrolyzed low molecular peptide’ emphasizing the skin permeability. In order to overcome such weakness, we examined the R&D designing of a collagen highly similar to the human skin based on bioengineering technology, and developed a cosmetic ingredient targeting collagen type I sequence which is the most distributed one in human skin.

Q. What’s the difference between COLinus and conventional ingredient?

COLinus shows excellent human compatibility and efficacy as it consists of collagen type I which is identical with human collagen DNA. Besides, COLinus enables a production of efficacy-targeted collagen such as anti-wrinkle through its particular sequencing technique. To explain briefly, we firstly inject our designated DNA blueprint in certain microbe, then the microbe produces collagen protein as it was designed, and after a purification process we extract and use the specific collagen protein. Through this process we can have collagen of smaller molecular structure which have easier skin permeability and excellent stability. In addition, COLinus is a non-animal next generation collagen based on fermentation and bio-synthesis technology with VEGAN certification.

Q. What effect does COLinus have, what about the clinical trial results?

COLinus increases the expression of collagen and elastin which are major components of skin dermis, proliferates dermal fibroblast and shows wound healing effect as it guides the regeneration of damaged skin. As a result of ex vivo skin permeability and human skin absorption test, in the cross-sectional analysis of human skin tissue, COLinus was observed in the epidermis and dermal layer of the human skin tissue, therefore it is considered that COLinus penetrates the human skin in ex vivo skin tissue. In addition, in the clinical study on wrinkle improvement of COLinus cream, all values of wrinkle measurement factors showed significant decrease, therefore it is considered that COLinus helps wrinkle improvement.

Q. Which product should we use COLinus for?

COLinus helps to make skin healthy and solid by strengthening the skin scaffold, and to regenerate skin damaged by the exterior irritation. Therefore we can have better effect when COLinus is applied to anti-aging or anti-wrinkle cosmetics.

Q. What are the new ingredients that Hyundai Bioland is planning to develop?

We plan to launch human derived collagen series following COLinus. Also we are developing natural thickener and emulsion based on naturally derived hydrophilic polymer, which expect to be the next generation ingredient replacing existing synthetic polymer or silicone in the near future.

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