'Wastar Pink Berry' wins award at in-cosmetics Korea 2022
'Wastar Pink Berry' wins award at in-cosmetics Korea 2022
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Fredericka Lam IFF-Lucas Mayer Cosmetics APAC Marketing Manager 

"Wastar Pink Berry," launched by IFF-Lucas Meyer Cosmetics, ranked second in the "in-cosmetics Korea 2022" category in Korea this July. 
Wastar Pink Berry, which won the Best Inductive Awards, is made of upcyclyed plant extracts rich in biflavonoids, stabilizing irritated scalp. It is an upcycling product that uses pinkberry by-products from IFF after extracting pinkberry essential oil. Clinical trials with hijab or helmet wearers showed the effect of reducing dandruff in seven days of use, also relieving scalp redness and itching. It is a vegan-friendly product without preservatives usable in China and has been certified by COSMOS and as Halal. This product received the Gold Winner Gold Winner award at the 2022 In-Cosmetics Global. In Korea, Intercare is supplying the product.
"Pinkberries are grown on a For Life-certified farm in Madagascar, an island country in the southeast Indian Ocean in Africa," said Frederic Lam, marketing manager at IFF-Lucas Meyer Cosmetics.

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