'Antaron soja glyceride', wins awards at in-cosmetics Korea 2022
'Antaron soja glyceride', wins awards at in-cosmetics Korea 2022
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From the left of the picture, Lee Seung-hoon, Korea Sales Manager of Ashland, Gwendolyn Neoh Ashland, Singapore Technical Service Manager, Lizveth Tham Ashland, Singapore Asia Pacific Marketing Manager

Ashland's "Antaron soja glyceride" and Carbonwave's "Sea Balance 2000" together won the "Best Ingressive Awards" of "In-Cosmetics Korea 2022" held in Korea this July.

Ashland's "Antaron soja glyceride" is a naturally occurring biodegradable film-forming agent. It gives water resistance and SPF-boosting effects to sunscreen and color cosmetics formulations. In addition, natural sunscreen, lotion, gel, and color cosmetics can be made with  thenew technology.

Lizveth Tham Ashland, marketing manager of Singapore's Asia-Pacific, smiled brightly, saying, "I think the cosmetics industry has recognized sustainability and now aims to use natural ingredients."

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