Cosmax Announces Skin Carrier "Skin Communicator" at IFSCC
Cosmax Announces Skin Carrier "Skin Communicator" at IFSCC
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Global cosmetics academia is now paying attention to the skin transporter technology developed by Cosmax. Cosmax plans to produce products that enhance skin effectiveness, such as whitening and wrinkle improvement, using technology that maximizes the delivery power of active ingredients of basic cosmetics.

Cosmax (CEO Lee Byung-man), a global cosmetics research, development, and production (ODM) company, announced on the 21st that it was invited to the London World Cosmetics Society (IFSCC) held in the UK on September 20th (local time).

Skin Communicator is a substance developed by Cosmax with Pohang University of Science and Technology while carrying out the Ministry of Health and Welfare's project to develop leading technologies for skin science application materials.

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