The 2nd "WBF-Seok-Oh Life Scientist Award" award ceremony
The 2nd "WBF-Seok-Oh Life Scientist Award" award ceremony
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Kolmar Holdings Korea and the Women's Bioscience Forum (WBF) together held the "2nd WBF-Seok-oh Life Scientist Award" award ceremony at the Hoam Faculty Hall in Seoul National University on September 20. The "WBF-Seok-oh Life Scientist Award" was established last year to encourage female life scientists in research and take the lead in discovering human resources in the life science world. WBF is a corporation founded in 2001 by female scientists in the field of life sciences. It aims to build networks and improve leadership, encouraging domestic female life scientists to contribute to enhancing the competitiveness of national science and technology, and various activities and awards are being distributed to help them grow.

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