Cosmax, targets MZ's taste... Strengthening patent for 'cream' formulation
Cosmax, targets MZ's taste... Strengthening patent for 'cream' formulation
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Cream-type cosmetics, which had been shunned by the MZ generation (Millennial + Z generation) for having a reputation for being heavy and sticky, are in the spotlight again. Accordingly, Cosmax plans to strengthen the development of new cream-related technologies this year and focus on securing patents by the end of the year.

Cosmax, a global cosmetics research, development, and production (ODM) company, announced on October 12 that it plans to apply for a total of nine cream formulations, including "shape-restored gel-type cosmetics compositions containing polymers," by the end of this year.

Cosmax has applied for a total of three cream-related patents this year. In addition, four patent applications are currently in progress, and two additional patents are planned to be filed this year.

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