Dr.Jart+, ’Vital Hydra Solution Capsule Ampoule’
Dr.Jart+, ’Vital Hydra Solution Capsule Ampoule’
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Dr.Jart+, a derma-cosmetics brand, introduced the 'Vital Hydra Solution Capsule Ampoule.'

This is a new product that concentrates the know-how of 'Vital Hydra Solution Mask Pack' which is the representative product of Dr. Jart that being loved for its abundantly moisturizing feeling at home and abroad.

In November last year, about 2 millions of 'Vital Hydra Solution Mask Pack' were sold at T-mall in China within 70 minutes of the product sale. In Korea, about 54 million pieces were sold during the year 2018. The 'Vital Hydra Solution Capsule Ampoule' boasts a high moisture content of 5-hyaluronic acid in the base of seaweed mucilage extract instead of purified water.

On top of that, the design of the pill motif, which is the signature of Dr. Jart's mask pack, was applied to the package and implemented into a capsule-type package similar to the actual appearance of the pill, enabling it to be used hygienically with convenient portability. It also features the generous capacity to care the face, eyes, and neck with just one serving.

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