Cosmax Group celebrates its 30th anniversary
Cosmax Group celebrates its 30th anniversary
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Cosmax Group, a global cosmetics, health functional food, and pharmaceutical research, development, and production (ODM) company, celebrated its 30th anniversary. Cosmax Group announced its ambition to open a new horizon for the "Beauty & Health ODM Market" focusing on digital platforms and customized cosmetics.
Lee Byung-man, CEO of Cosmax, said to executives and employees on the 11th ahead of its founding anniversary, "the cosmetics market will change rapidly from how it was the past 30 years," and stressed, "only when the game is changed can Cosmax lead the next 30 years." CEO Lee called for preoccupying the customized cosmetics market. Cosmax laid the foundation for customized cosmetics production by introducing customized shampoo in collaboration with CJ Onstyle this year.

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