AEKYUNG Industry, Naturalist brand 'SOSOOPL'
AEKYUNG Industry, Naturalist brand 'SOSOOPL'
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Life beauty business Aekyung Industry introduced 'SOSOOPL', a naturalistic beauty brand that contains natural ingredients.

SOSOOPL is a naturalistic beauty brand that means to fill the skin with key ingredients of effective plants with the abbreviation of 'plant garden that girls care for.'

In particular, SOSOOPL reflects the increasing trend of Smart Consumers in 20s and 30s who thoroughly examine the ingredients of the product. In particular, SOSOOPL is characterized by its unique prescription which used a key ingredient derived from plants with efficacy and that the consumers can trust and use.

SOSOOPL's brand identity resembles the shape of a mountain, depicts the philosophy of naturalism of its own, with nature such as trees and fields gathered in a single circle. SOSOOPL has developed its own "Green MediceraTM," which is skin-friendly ingredient by applying modern science and technology to plants that commonly seen around it, and has released mask packs that contain it. The SOSOOPL Mask Pack (4 kinds) is characterized by differentiated formulation and texture of the jelly-like essence by complementing the disadvantages of the mask pack that is easy to flow down the essence. The jelly-type essence turns into a moisture form when rubbed on the skin, giving it a clean finish without stickiness.

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