Never miss any K-beauty issue
Never miss any K-beauty issue
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About High K-beauty 2023 by The K Beauty Science

The K Beauty Science is publishing High K-beauty 2023.

High K-beauty 2023 is a bookazine (a book combined with a magazine) that is designed to help the global audience deepen their understanding of K-beauty. The bookazine puts the spotlight on R&D, the latest industry developments, and what’s trending in different K-beauty areas, through the eyes of K-beauty experts. It also includes some content from The K Beauty Science, a monthly magazine published in Korean. The English version is also available, and the Chinese and Japanese versions will soon be published. The bookazine is issued as an e-book (ePub, PDF) file four times a year and is globally distributed for free or as a charged publication at exhibitions and online bookstores like Amazon and Kyobo. The full version will be charged while an abridged version will be provided for free. You can also get a paper book if you use the Publish-on-Demand (POD) service.

Notably, each issue of the quarterly bookazine High K-beauty is produced by supplementing the previous one. Readers will not miss any K-beauty content, while discovering fresh content every time they see the bookazine.

Please continue to support High K-beauty to satisfy your curiosity in K-beauty.

▶Contact us if you’d like to contribute to High K-beauty regarding the cosmetics and the beauty industry as a company (or a researcher). (Send an email to:,

▶You can also contribute as a part of your PR campaign or an ad for new products, or for a company introduction in High K-beauty. (Manager:

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