COREANA, ‘Vital Recovery Skinfit BB Cream’
COREANA, ‘Vital Recovery Skinfit BB Cream’
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Lavida, the flagship brand of Coreana Cosmetics, has released an item named "Vital Recovery Skinfit BB Cream," which focuses on maximizing the original function of the BB cream.

The newly introduced 'Vital Recovery Skinfit BB Cream' (30 ml) is applied with advanced color pigment dispersion technology to cover the uneven skin tone and blemish, and smoothly adjusts skin irregularities and bends with a soft touch.

In addition, Sebum Care Technology, which offers effective sebum control, is characterized by its sustainability of bright skin without greasy. It is a smart makeup item with three functions such as whitening and wrinkle improvement as well as blocking the near infrared rays and ultraviolet rays with I-Raf 20, SPF50+, and PA ++++. It is released in two colors, the light pink and the natural light.


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