NEOPHARM, three kinds of Real Barrier 'Active-V'
NEOPHARM, three kinds of Real Barrier 'Active-V'
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'Real Barrier,' a dermo-cosmetic brand of NEOPHARM that specializes in the skin barrier, has launched the 'Active-V' line, an anti-aging solution that can manage the fine wrinkles and aging wrinkles around eyes and mouth. This line is composed of three types of anti-aging products ('First Oil,' 'Lifting Ample,' and the 'Lifting Cream') that can be used by anyone in their 20s to 40s, where the aging is advancing.

The 'Real Barrier Active-V' line combines the natural antioxidant enzyme SOD that removes reactive oxygen, which is the main cause of skin aging, a top-grade antioxidant component Idebenone, and Real Barrier's proprietary anti-aging ingredient DualguardTM to care for reactive oxygen in the skin, improve wrinkles and skin tone, and strengthen the elasticity of loose skin is characterized. 'Real Barrier Active-V' are dual functioning products with whitening and wrinkle efficacy, and skin irritation test was completed.

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