HAPPYBATH, 'Micro Micellar' line
HAPPYBATH, 'Micro Micellar' line
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HAPPYBATH is introducing the two new deep cleansing line 'Micro Micellar' with advanced technology.

'HAPPYBATH Micro Micellar Line' applied the Micro Micellar PM Technologytm that is researched and developed by AMOREPACIFIC anti-pollution research center.

It is a deep cleansing line that cleans the make-up and residue in the pores by applying micro-micellar particles, which are 1/100 size of pores, and leaves moisture on the skin. 'Micro Micellar Deep Cleansing Foam' has been verified by human trials to resolve eight problems related to pores such as removing sebum and blackhead in pores, reducing the number of pores, and improving skin texture.

Also, the fine cellulose beads help cleansing and soft exfoliating management. The weak-acid 'Micro Micellar Cleansing Water' is a make-up cleanser with gentle, powerful cleansing power.


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