The K-Beauty Science - BeautyLink Partners MOU
The K-Beauty Science - BeautyLink Partners MOU
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The K Beauty Science has signed MOU with BeautyLink Partners, an analytical agency specializing in customer information data, and publishes a series of projects that quantitatively and qualitatively analyze the various responses of consumers who actually buy and use each type of hit products.

This research methodology has been activated for a long time in overseas to grasp the accurate insight of the customer and there is a tendency that some large corporations and institutions in Korea introduce it as an important index of product development as well as the establishment of the customer policy .

We are confident that the data provided by K Beauty Science will contribute significantly to solving the problems caused by the 'Big data' bias that has recently become problematic and to the development of customized cosmetics that the government and industry are paying attention as the future growth engine of K Beauty.

BeautyLink Partners is a research organization that specializes in providing quantitative analysis data such as customer's data and review for actual purchase and use of hit products by category to major Korean companies such as AMOREPACIFIC and the Jeju Business Agency.

We hope that by understanding 'consumers' who hold 'the key to corporate success and failure' in the right way, you will make great achievements in improving the global competitiveness of the K-beauty industry as well as the growth and development of companies.


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