The Development of Functional materials from Caviar
The Development of Functional materials from Caviar
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The Freshwater Fish Center of the Fisheries Resources Research Institute in South Chungcheong Province announced on January 3 that it has successfully developed functional materials using caviar by conducting "test and research on the processing and training of sturgeon sharks" with C&B COSMETIC, a cosmetics manufacturer in Hongseong.

The Freshwater Fish Center and C&B-Cosmetics at the Fisheries Research Institute of South Chungcheong Province signed an agreement in December 2017 and carried out the research, and successfully extracted functional materials by adding MTCMedium-chain triglycerides oil to caviar produced through sturgeon sharks and filtering with high-speed agitator.

The amount of functional material extraction was 9.4%, about double the 4.8 % for caviar from China. The sulfation activity was 0.32, which is nearly three times better than that of China's 0.92 (lower the numbers, the higher the sulfation activity). A prototype of soap developed using functional materials had 20% higher moisture recovery level after washing than regular soap.

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