DAEBON LS-ILSHIN WELLS, Convention on the Development of Bio-Conversion Oil
DAEBON LS-ILSHIN WELLS, Convention on the Development of Bio-Conversion Oil
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DAEBON LS, a company specialized in cosmetics material, signed a business agreement with ILSHIN WELLS on April 25th for developing Bio-conversion oil.

The signing ceremony was held for the production of bio-conversion oil, a 'world-class' product that will be introduced this year by DAEBON LS, which has strength in the development of cosmetics natural materials, and ILSHIN WELLS, which has the specialized technology in bio-transition processes in the food materials sector.

Globally, Korean citron is known to excel in efficacy and flavor, and contain vitamin C three times more than lemon, which is good for colds and skin beauty, and contains a lot of organic acids that prevent aging and fatigue.

In particular, DAEBON LS is mass-producing citron seed oil obtained through an eco-friendly process using homegrown citron, which was certified for the geographical indication system this year.

Citron seed oil is obtained through only eco-friendly physical processes without any chemical processes, and unlike other vegetable oils, it is less sticky and not heavy, and it is characterized by the strong skin health effects such as moisturizing and anti-inflammatory. In addition, the fermented oil is obtained by applying the bio-conversion technique using enzymes, and that has a improved texture compared to milled oil. It is light and moisturizing enough to be used immediately as a face oil. The company is expected to have a patent application soon and secure the original technology.

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