KOLMAR published an SCI Journal on the study of homegrown plants in Korea
KOLMAR published an SCI Journal on the study of homegrown plants in Korea
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Kolmar has published research results in the SCI journal on the study of the efficacy of the Floatingheart and Penthorum chinense Pursh on skin. Kolmar has been engaged in research on domestic indigenous plant materials for three years with Manna CEA, National Development Institute of Korean Medicine (NIKOM), and SungKyunKwan University. As a result, it was found that ‘Floatingheart’ and ‘Penthorum chinense Pursh’ has an excellent effect on skin aging, inflammation mitigation, and skin whitening, and this was published in international journals the ‘Molecules’ and the ‘Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity.’

In particular, three domestic patents were registered for the 'cosmetics composition for skin improvement, antioxidation, and anti-pollution containing plant extracts of the Floatingheart' (Registration Patents 10-1802341, 10-1847854, 10-1886688). In addition, it succeeded in PCT application and the industrialization through research on cultivation technology.

The Floatingheart has been found to have various skin benefits such as antioxidation, wrinkle improvement, anti-inflammation and moisturizing. The unique ingredient flavonoid glycoside, which is only contained in the Floatingheart, is effective for anti-inflammation and skin moisturizing since it strengthens the skin barrier and maintains moisture.

In the Penthorum chinense Push, called ‘Sutekran,’ the autophagy effects, in which cells themselves decompose organelles to obtain energy, were also found. This is known to help the skin cells to survive, that are damaged by the UV rays and the collapse of the oxidation balance.

Also, it suppressed collagen degradation, so is good for anti-aging, and other effects such as anti-inflammation, moisturizing, and whitening were also confirmed.

"We focused on materials that had been under-researched for industrial use," and "We plan to develop various cosmetic ingredients based on several indigenous plants that have yet to be found to be effective," Kolmar Korea said.

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