Do you know about 'Prinker'?
Do you know about 'Prinker'?
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SketchOn is an inkspired start-up that created Prinker – a world’s first comprehensive temporary tattoo device that allows users to apply any designs they want to their skin in just a few seconds. Prinker makes it possible to safely, quickly and easily apply personalized water-resistant temporary tattoos to skin and provide users with new creative tools for self-expression.

Having been in business for a little over two years, our team and products have achieved some incredible milestones. Our team collaborated with Samsung Electronics and demonstrated Prinker to a total of 20,000 visitors at 2016 Rio Olympics. We also presented our innovative solution at Europe’s biggest appliance trade show Berlin’s IFA, CES 2017 in Las Vegas, Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and TechCrunch San Francisco. Notably, SketchOn, was selected as one of the Top 4 companies in Europe’s largest startup conference and pitching competition Slush in 2016 as well as a winner of L’Oreal Innovation Runway.

Product Details: Prinker temporary tattoo machine is the first in the world integrated solution that allows users to apply unlimited designs to the skin within just 3 seconds. Users access Prinker online gallery with their smartphones to download any design they want or they can also create their own designs using a built-in sketching function. Selected image is then sent to a device to be quickly and safely applied by rubbing the device on the skin. In-house developed Prinker solution uses ink made from certified cosmetics ingredients to apply water-resistant temporary tattoos that will last for up to 3 days… or until you wash them off with soap and water.

Applications: The current version of Prinker is intended only for business users (B2B) as is currently sold in the EU through our distributors. Our integrated solution can be used by amusement parks, clubs, festivals organizers, stadiums, marketing agencies and many more. Prinker can be also utilized in beauty, healthcare industry as well as in education or tourism industry.

The consumer version (B2C) is under development (its price and release date are not determined yet).


Important Notes:

Spelling of company name: SketchOn (o), Sketchon (x)

Spelling of product name: Prinker (o), Priker (x)

Description of product: temporary tattoo solution/machine/device (o), temporary tattoo printer (x)

Company’s motto: Color your way

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