PCHi Technology Summit 2019 Presents Top Industry Trends
PCHi Technology Summit 2019 Presents Top Industry Trends
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Industry Leaders Urged to Increase Efforts on Product Development & Innovation

Held from 26-27 August 2019 at the Le Méridien Shanghai Hongqiao,the PCHi Technology Summit concluded after a successful 3rd run — further solidifying its position as a leading learning platform for industry professionals. Attracting more than 400 beauty and personal care trade professionals, the Summithighlighted important industry developments and raised thought-provoking issues for consideration.

Carefully curated by the PCHi’s Cosmetics Science and Technology Innovation Committee (CSTIC), the Summit agenda centered around the theme of returning the industry to its roots andenhancing product quality and innovations. 20 distinguished speakers explored not only the broad issues such as global market forces and industry trends, but also covered in-depth discussions on formulation technologies and efficacy evaluation during the 2-dayevent.

Speaking at the event, CHEN Shaojun, Chairman of the China Association of Fragrance Flavor and Cosmetic Industries, shared encouraging statistics of the upward trends for the cosmeticsindustry despite the global economic slowdown. He encouraged attendees to look into ways to appeal to the growing group of younger consumers, and advocated that the industry must re-examine the way products are developed — endeavoring to develop innovativesolutions for skin conditions and to address consumers’ pursuit for beauty instead of focusing merely on the bottom line.

Attendees were also reminded of the importance of a good formulation in one of the key sessions. CHANG Liching, Executive of the Chang-Li-Ching Technology Consultants Ltd., highlighted the need to pay attention to the activity of raw materials in beauty products as certain reactions may reduce the effectiveness of the product or even produce toxicity. She also exhortedconsumers to shift their focus from scrutinizing labels and ingredients, to understanding the formulation and the interactions between active ingredients.

This year, winning products of the PCHi Fountain Awards 2019 were displayed at the Summit — highlighting the efforts behind the development of these innovative products.

Nods from the Industry

Both speakers and attendees affirmed the Summit’s position as a leading learning platform for the industry with their positive feedback at the end of the event.

“The organizers have done a great job and the Summit covered very relevant topics,” shared NING Jibin, Product Director, Bloomage Freda Biopharm Co., about his personal experience attendingthe Summit. “It provided a good platform for all participants to interact and learn from each other. The conference themes and speakers’ sharing were carefully aligned to the industry’s latest movements, and trending topics on sustainable products, clean beauty,and ingredient transparency were well-addressed. I believe that the participants were inspired to apply the lessons gleaned at the Summit.”

LI Huamei, CTO of Guangzhou Bafeorii Chemical Co., Ltd., who spoke at the event added that, “The organizers had invited not just representatives from raw material suppliers, consultingcompanies, and marketing research companies, but also experts from hospitals and universities to speak at the Summit. This provided a good balance of perspectives both from the companies and the academia. To top it off, the variety of topics discussed at theevent made the conference an enriching experience as a whole for many attendees.”

Gearing Up for the Next Chapter

“The rapid wave of transformation in the beauty and personal care industry is prompting businesses and workers to rethink what we need to do differently to stay ahead of the competition”, commented Peter LIU, PCHi Project Manager at Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions. “The PCHi Technology Summit provided a robust platform for trade professionals to gather, exchange knowledge, and form new collaborations. We look forward to welcoming everyone at PCHinext year, when the industry comes together again for an extended time of professional exchange.”

At the Summit, the PCHi team also met with members of the CSTIC to fine-tune directions for future editions of the annual PCHi trade event and conference — so as to make it an even moreengaging experience for industry professionals.

The 13th edition of PCHi will be held in Shanghai from 26 to 28 February 2020, at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center.

Online pre-registration for complimentary visitor access will begin at the end of September 2019. Further details on PCHi 2020 will be announced soon.

For more information, please visit http://www.pchi-china.com/en, or connect with PCHi on social media.

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