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“The Essential Guide to K Beauty”

The platform for the technical information exchange between Korea and global cosmetics The international edition of The K Beauty Science, an English version has finally been released. It was launched to highlight the science and technology, which is the core competitive edge of K Beauty.

The K Beauty Science International Edition sets the stage for the two biggest goals: 'The Essential Guide to K Beauty' and 'Platform for Sharing and Exchange Cosmetic Science and Technology Information in Korea and the World'.​

It focuses on promoting K Beauty's innovative and original technologies to the world and introducing new technologies and information from overseas. Also, we will quickly and accurately inform global readers about the remarkable development and dynamic changes of K Beauty.

In particular, we will strive to establish a global network of cosmetics scientists around the world through various programs to promote interactions between Korea and foreign cosmetics officials.

The K Beauty Science endeavors to inspire cosmetics scientists around the world who are dedicated to safety and quality improvement, and we believe that this will lead to brilliant results in the development of creative and superior products.

To ensure that information is faithfully provided, The K Beauty Science is pursuing cooperation with various organizations and media abroad.

Thank you for your interest and support.

Park Jae Hong, CEO