Korea Kolmar, UVA Blocking, Antioxidant and Color Correction 'Melanodin' Cosmetics Application
Korea Kolmar, UVA Blocking, Antioxidant and Color Correction 'Melanodin' Cosmetics Application
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[The K-Beauty Science] Korea Kolmar, a global cosmetics R&D manufacturing company, has developed a new innovative material that complements the shortcomings of existing inorganic sunscreen.

Korea Kolmar announced on the 11th that it has created new materials that prevent white cast and skin oxidation, as well as UVA and UVB blocks, by combining organic melanoidine and inorganic titanium dioxide (TiO2). The material was published in the June 25 edition of the Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry (JIEC), an international academic journal, on page 87, 186-193. The name of the paper is 'Preparation of Melanoidin/TiO2 composites with improved UV screening availability and increased photo-organizational activity for cosmetic application.'

Melanodin, which was applied to cosmetics for the first time in Korea, is known to have antioxidant effects as a polymer with its unique color, taste and aroma. On top of that, the function of blocking UVA has been confirmed, and through stable synthesis technology with titanium dioxide, it has made up for the shortcomings of inorganic sunscreen.

Inorganic sunscreen completely reflects UVB on the skin's surface as a protective film, but white cast and photocatalytic phenomena that promote skin oxidation have been cited as disadvantages. However, melanodin helped prevent oxidation on the protective film while correcting skin tone.

Based on the newly developed materials, Korea Kolmar plans to secure the infrastructure technology for harmful light-blocking materials and apply it to personal care and makeup cosmetics in the future.

Kim Jin-mo, a senior researcher at the Korea Kolmar Institute of Convergence Technology, said, "As consumer awareness of various harmful light like ultraviolet rays continues to increase, attempts are being made to develop materials that prevent them," He added, "We will further expand the spectrum of sunscreen through research on new harmful light-blocking materials to create a foundation for the development of K-beauty."

Meanwhile, Korea Kolmar developed a technology to block blue lightㆍinfrared rays, including ultraviolet rays, and applied for the PCT patent of the Multilateral Patent Treaty in April.

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