Naver Launches Global Research and Evaluation Service 'Scalitics'
Naver Launches Global Research and Evaluation Service 'Scalitics'
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[The K-Beauty Science] Naver (CEO Han Sung-sook) launched the global research and evaluation service "Scholytics’, ( on August 12.

'Scholytics' is a research and evaluation solution that provides research performance indicators by measure, such as national, school, department, and researcher. Users can get a quick look at research performance information such as Field-Weight City Impact (FWCI) index indicating the quality level of research, number of papers, quotations, and type analysis of co-authors. Naver's 'Scholytics' has 170,000 research institutes, 20 million authors of the paper and 150,000 journal information.

FWCI (Field-Weighted Citation Impact) is the ratio of academic research citation to the world average in the same field of study and type of paper, and the year. Collaboration type analysis is an indirect indicator of the quality level of research through co-author analysis.

If existing research and evaluation solutions only provide research results by universities, 'Scholytics' provides research results by unit of colleges and departments. Thus, it is possible to accurately evaluate the superior sub-organizations of university institutions and compare the research performance according to various units.

In addition, unlike the existing research and evaluation solutions which have provided research performance information focusing on English journals, 'Scholytics' provides not only the research results of English journals but also the research results written in Korean, making it possible to evaluate the contributions of Korean researchers..

In particular, as Naver's 'Scholytics' provides FWCI indexes based on various global journal indexes, comprehensive research results between academic fields can be compared and analyzed fairly. Existing industries mainly provide average number of quotations per paper, making it difficult to make objective comparisons between academic fields because it does not reflect the characteristics of certain academic fields with high average quotations.

Naver is planning to increase the number of use of 'Scholytics' for research institutes in Korea, while also releasing 'Scholytics' globally this year by supplementing local data in Asia such as Japan and China, and competing with global companies.

"We launched the first research and evaluation solution in Korea based on Naver's academic information data comparable to the highest level in the world," said Yoo Bong-seok, general manager of Naver. "We expect efficient investment in the academic field and fair reward for researchers as an objective measure of research results."

Meanwhile, Naver signed an MOU with the Korea Institute of Science and Technology Planning in April to enhance the utilization of academic performance information, and decided to provide research results and statistics by researchers and research trends by academic field of 'Scholytics'. Naver has also been working with Yonsei University to launch 'Scholytics' since November 2018.

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