"Objective to Develop Independent Beauty Emotion Indicator"
"Objective to Develop Independent Beauty Emotion Indicator"
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Amorepacific Institute of Technology Customer Sensitivity Lab

Kwon Gu Sang Senior Researcher

As Myeong-dong IOPE Lab opened its renewal in May, there was an experience space where consumers could experience personalized solutions. If you visit IOPE Lab, you will be able to meet Solution Lab (1st floor), which allows you to test and purchase IOPE products, Customized 3D Mask & Serum Manufacturing, and Custum Beauty Lab (2nd floor), which is conducted every month, and Skin Science Lab (3rd floor), where counseling is conducted through genetic analysis of dermatology. We met Kwon Ku-sang, a senior researcher at Amorepacific's Customer Sensitivity Lab, who conducted brainwave measurements through theme research.


What kind of research are you doing?

Sensory areas such as smell or touch of products are very important parts of the cosmetics industry. The traditional consumer survey methods such as surveys and interviews have limitations in identifying the consumer's emotional aspects caused by sensuous behavior. We are combining brain science-based research so that we can objectively identify emotions or emotions through bio-signals including brain waves. In addition to verification through basic research, we plan to receive feedback through customer experience contents, modify and supplement, and expand related research.

Neuromarketing is unfamiliar and not unfamiliar at the same time.

In fact, it's a research field that's been around for about 10 years in the global market. There have been cases of attempts made by several large companies including Samsung and LG in Korea, but they have not been expanded. However, IFSCC and others have recently started to publish research cases involving Amore Pacific and various domestic clinical institutions that incorporate brain waves. In other words, I think the time has come for the market to grow in Korea. In particular, I think we will grow together as the customized cosmetics system is implemented in earnest this year.

How can it be applied to customized cosmetics?

According to many of the votes, the Millennial and Z generation are very interested in new content. We prefer a way of experience that goes beyond the traditional methods that we have never tried before. By applying brain science technology that can recognize individual emotions, you can offer new experiences and highly satisfying customized solutions.

Are you also developing your own indicators of emotion through brain waves?

We are conducting a lot of research to diversify the feelings that can be recognized in the beauty industry. In the future, we would like to develop our own independent indicators that are highly mature and reproducible to increase utilization in the beauty industry and provide more diverse insights. Not long ago, a research topic titled 'Development of Neuro Sensory Platform for Quantifying Cosmetics Emotional Effectiveness' was selected as a government task. We plan to collaborate with P&K Dermatological Research Center and University Hospital Dermatology and focus on brainwave research to recognize the sensitivity of usage.

How do you feel about the first theme study of IOPE Lab?

Due to the Covid 19, we couldn't meet more customers than we thought. However, we received positive feedback from experienced customers. In the second half of this year, we are planning to introduce another experience-based content. We would be grateful for your interest and support.

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