Princess Hwahyeop of the Joseon Dynasty, Modern Rebirth
Princess Hwahyeop of the Joseon Dynasty, Modern Rebirth
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ⓒ Cultural Heritage Administration
ⓒ Cultural Heritage Administration

[The K-Beauty Science] The National Palace Museum of the Cultural Heritage Administration (Director Kim Dong-young) and the Korean Traditional Culture University (President Kim Young-mo) and Cosmax (President Lee Kyung-soo) unveiled modern cosmetics made from the basis of research on relics excavated from the Hwahyeop Princess of the Joseon Dynasty at the auditorium of the National Palace Museum on the 22nd, September 2020, and signed an agreement to reproduce traditional phone products and develop traditional cosmetics and contents of traditional make-up culture.

Under the agreement, the three agencies plan to carry out the first "development of various traditional cosmetics," the second "development of traditional makeup culture" and the third "use∙promotion of cosmetics and content" step by step over the next four years.

At the signing ceremony, the three organizations unveiled modern cosmetics (such as cream products and lip protection agents), cosmetics containers made of blue and white porcelain containing Hwahyeop's cosmetics, and characters of Princess Hwahyeop, reflecting the analysis results of the cosmetics excavated from Hwahyeop's tomb.

Princess Hwahyeop (1733-1753) was the daughter of King Yeongjo of the Joseon Dynasty and sister of Crown Prince Sado, who died of measles at the age of 20. The Cultural Heritage Administration and the Korea Research Institute of Cultural Heritage (KORI) excavated Hwahyeop Ongjumyo Shrine in Sampae-dong, Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do from 2015 to 2017, and found a bundle of small pottery containing various cremation tools, cosmetics, and cosmetics, such as combs, mirrors, and eyebrow feeds that princess had used in his lifetime.

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