Kolmar Korea, obtained 'color' certification following vegan foundation
Kolmar Korea, obtained 'color' certification following vegan foundation
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ⓒ Kolmar Korea
ⓒ Kolmar Korea

[The K-Beauty Science] Kolmar Korea, a global cosmetics R&D manufacturing company, received vegan certification for 10 basic cosmetics items last year, and recently completed certification for 10 colored cosmetics items.

Kolmar Korea's vegan-certified items include 10 major makeup cosmetics such as cushions, sunscreen, compacts and mascara. It has obtained certification from EVE, France's authoritative vegan certification authority. In addition to the exclusion of animal experiments in the manufacturing process, the use of animal ingredients from raw materials to packages has been subjected to strict standards.

Kolmar Korea's certification is significant because it is the result of a market situation where most vegan cosmetics are concentrated on basic cosmetics. In the case of EVE cosmetics, it was difficult to find vegan ingredients to replace animal materials that enhance their sense of use and expressiveness, so there were relatively few cases of vegan certification compared to basic cosmetics. Based on accumulated big data and technology, Kolmar Korea has succeeded in certifying vegan products by developing color cosmetics that can express natural skin while completely excluding animal materials.

Based on 10 kinds of color cosmetics certified as vegan products, Kolmar Korea will introduce customized products in line with customer needs and trends. In particular, the company plans to actively respond to the fast-growing global vegan cosmetics market as well as Korea.

An official from Kolmar Korea said, "In line with the global vegan trade, we are acquiring a wide range of vegan certification from makeup products to basic products," adding, "We will lead the vegan cosmetics trend not only in Korea but also in the global market."

On the other hand, vegan is a certification that it does not use animal ingredients in the raw material∙package of the product and that it has not tested animals in the manufacturing process. With eco-friendly and ethical consumption emerging as a global consumption trend, the vegan cosmetics market is also growing rapidly. According to data from the U.S. market research firm Grand View, the global vegan cosmetics market is growing at an annual rate of more than 6 percent, and the market size is expected to reach $20.8 billion by 2025.

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