Sunjin Beauty Science completes its second plant at Janghang
Sunjin Beauty Science completes its second plant at Janghang
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Producing extra 1,000 tons of key material of inorganic sunscreen


Sunjin Beauty Science(CEO Sungho Lee) held completion ceremony at 8th June.

The firm’s second factory will operate production lines for Titanium oxide(TiO2) and Zinc oxide(ZnO), core ingredients of inorganic sunscreen. The annual scale of production is about 1,000 tons which is expected to generate up to 28 billion KRW in additional sales.

A company official said It was necessary to expand the factory with at least 1,5 times more capacity compared to original one in Ansan to meet deadline of delivering products such as T80. He expected running new facility will not occur delay of delivery until 2025 by enabling manufacture of 1,000 tons of materials in maximum.

Located in Janghang-eup, Seocheon-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, The second plant started construction in July last year and was completed in May of this year. The factory is a four-story building with a height of 23 meters and a total area of ​​495.47 m3. The total cost was about 7.3 billion KRW, including the construction cost of about 4.1 billion KRW and the equipment cost of about 3.2 billion KRW.

Currently, some of the items from it's first plant are registered in the Drug Code (NDC) of the US FDA. In order to export to global markets including the U.S, an FDA-certified manufacturing environment is required, and the company has a strategy to utilize it’s latest factory that meets the cGMP (FDA Pharmaceutical Quality Control Standard) regulations.

CEO Lee mentioned “The global cosmetics market is in trend of recovery because of expectations for resolving the COVID-19 crisis and Operating new production lines can rapidly meet rising demand of cosmetic ingredients following the global trend.”

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