Uncertainties still remain... Government and Industries must overcome together
Uncertainties still remain... Government and Industries must overcome together
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The new year of 2021 has dawned.

Both unresolved anxiety and hope for better future lie together.

The term “sense” connotes uncertainty. Neither optimism nor pessimism offers any convincing evidence. Because of this, It is hard to find data on industrial forecasts that are published in various media at every this time of year.

Expecting unfavorable atmosphere still goes on this year like so far leads to frustration. However, If someone asks me to choose between optimism and pessimism, I'll bet on the former Because I believe in the potential of our industry.

Last year, cosmetic industry faced cruel challenges on every field from manufacturing and distribution to consumption and export. To survive from crisis never experienced before, restructuring and radical reform were carried out. As a result, It become more stronger and vigorous.

It reminds me of the seniors who lived a fierce life to survive in the competition with imported cosmetics that have been rushing in since the market opening in the 90s. The situation is still same except battlefield and position of attack and defense have changed.

If we recall what they did to survive at the past, we could reach to a clue to solve current tasks. I would also like to stress out government and industry have to stick together in new year. Especially for bureaus monitoring industries with laws and codes, It is time to present actions focusing on promotion rather than sanctions.

If there is a gap between two sides, It is evident that the situation will get worse rather than getting over it. Although each side has own goal and circumstances, the survival and growth of industries which are directly related to rise or fall of the state is a mission charged to everyone. It is desperate to frequently communicate each other to understand what industrial field eagers or what is in its way. Joint procedure of government and industry for one and only objective will be followed by big support from general customers.

<The K beauty science> has its third anniversary this year. All staff member will do their best to fulfill the role of ‘platform for enhancing global competitiveness of Korean beauty industries. We deeply appreciate your support so far and wish your best of luck who wisely passed last year of anxiety and chaos.

January, 2021 Sincerely Yours


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