Are you curious about ‘K-beauty’?
Are you curious about ‘K-beauty’?
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Are you curious about ‘K-beauty’?

The K-Beauty Science ; We provide everything of K-beauty.


The K-Beauty Science was established as ‘K-beauty platform’ in 2018 with the mission to connect Korea and global.

In particular, we were recognized for its utility and value. Because we focus on recent trends of R&D, market and consumer that are emerging as key point for business success.

We provide a variety of domestic and foreign information in English as well as Korean for companies that not only want to enter global but also Korea in the global era. (We’re planning to introduce Chinese content in the future.)

Recently, in addition to the paper and online magazines, we also provide e-books and a customized content provision(POD) service that presents information necessary to efficiently deliver information to readers.

We are working with professionals who have been recognized in various fields. An supervision committee with many experience and editorial committee composed of university faculties help us publish magazine.

In addition, we are cooperating with a consulting group composed of experts in various fields such as regulation, academics, distribution and marketing to solve many difficulties occurred in the companies.

Not only government affiliates and companies that are engaged in many activities to strengthen the competitiveness of the beauty & health industry but also famous domestic and foreign market research institutes that quickly provide ever-changing trends are also with us.

Based on this infrastructure, we are developing cooperative projects with the relevant industry and government in various fields.

If you have any questions about the cosmetics and beauty market in Korea, please contact us anytime. I’ll help you.

Thank you.

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