LABELYOUNG, ‘Shocking Seamustard Body Oil’
LABELYOUNG, ‘Shocking Seamustard Body Oil’
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LABELYOUNG released a body oil named 'Shocking Seamustard Body Oil' that will guard the body skin with rich moisture. This product contains the water-seaweed trio (seaweed extract + Undaria Pinnatifida extract + Mekabu extract) with a lot of nutrients of the sea, and it offers a smooth water-light body skin with an abundant amount of the sea mustard essence, which is called the retinol of the sea.

It also gives moisture to dry skin, helping to keep the easily cracked and dried body skin moisturized, and providing intensive moisturization. This new product can offer solid water-light body skin texture with the patented moisturizing ingredients added to the essence of seaweed, and turns into a deep-moisturizing body skin, rather than just looking moist.

Also, the whitening and wrinkle-improving dual function helps resilient and bright body skin care, and can experience the triple effect of moisturizing + nourishing + water-light with just one product. Especially, it compensates for the disadvantages of the conventional body oil that causes the skin to become tacky and sticky so that it can be used freely by consumers who were reluctant to use body oil. When the product is applied to the skin, it gives a feeling of being covered with a moisturizing coating film and a finish that is absorbed smoothly and gently with the green musk scent, giving a luxurious glossy body skin without stickiness.


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