AMOREPACIFIC opens 'anti-pollution research center'
AMOREPACIFIC opens 'anti-pollution research center'
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AMOREPACIFIC has launched the Anti-pollution Research Center to cooperate with research and development efforts to protect skin health from harmful environments such as fine dust. The Anti-Pollution Research Center, established in April 2019 at the AMOREPACIFIC Technology Research Center, is responsible for researching the harmful environment which causes various harms to the skin and developing products to protect the skin health of customers around the world.

The new anti-pollution research center is comprised of various parts such as the primary research sector in charge of materials, machinery, clinical and analysis, the product-making technology sector in charge of eliminating harmful environments, defense, aftercare technology and customer research, and the sector that is in charge of external communication and demonstration as well.

The AMOREPACIFIC 'Anti-pollution Research Center' will continue to identify mechanisms underlying the effects of fine dust on the skin, develop new materials and diagnostic sensors that are effective in coping with fine dust, global customers' skin clinical research, present skin and beauty treatment guidelines for coping with fine dust, release products that incorporate major anti-pollution technologies, and will also continue to produce various digital communication contents.

The Anti-Pollution Research Center supported the production of a Beauty Toon 'Carry's Beau-tip: All about the items that will stop the concern about ultra-fine dust,' which is currently being published in series through AMOREPACIFIC Beauty Point app. And in April, the Anti-Pollution Research Center will introduce various contents such as an interview of a researcher at the center and reviews of fine dust-related major products in cooperation with the Beauty Point app.

Meanwhile, since 2007, AMOREPACIFIC has continued research on the skin exposed to external harmful atmospheric environments such as exhaust gas. And intensively studied yellow dust since 2008, and expanded its anti-pollution research area to the fine dust through the establishment of a skin hazard assessment model in 2014. AMOREPACIFIC Research center is investigating the effects of fine dust on the skin, including weakening the skin barrier, based on a variety of customer surveys and genetic analyses covering both home and abroad. Based on these findings, they are developing and introducing products applied a variety of anti-pollution solutions, such as defense technology that can protect skin when going out, technology to remove fine dust residue that remains on the skin, and the technology to mitigate the irritations of damaged skin.

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